Q:Are lashes included?

a:Yes. You do not need to supply any makeup products. We come prepared with all products needed to provide the best services possible. 


q:You are located in Southern California.  Are you willing to travel?

a:Yes, we are willing to travel but of course, there are traveling costs.


q:Do you do trial runs?

a:Yes, we schedule trial runs one month in advanced of weddings date.


q:Where are you located?



q:Can we come to you?

a:Yes, we have an in-home studio. 


q:What is needed to book your date?

a:In order to book your date, a deposit & contract is needed. 


q:How many services required, in order to book?



q:Do we need to bring anything to the appointment?

a:A clean & bare face.


q:Do you do/offer hair services?

a:Yes we do!